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Htaccess Authentification


Htaccess Authentification can be made facil, only knowing the right steps to follow. HTACCESS Auth - files Lets assume that you want to secure the folder www/test. Go in any FTP client and find the document .htaccess. If the file doesn't exist, just create one. In FileZilla, right click in the folder where you want to ... Read More
February 27, 2017Alexandru Marian
dumitru alexandru phonegap ripple chrome


Phonegap Tutorial- definition First of all, the question is: what is Phonegap? Phonegap its an open source framework which allows you to build mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows based phones / tables. Why it became so popular among developers? Because it uses HTML, CSS and Javascript in order to develop an ... Read More
February 26, 2017Alexandru Marian
how to choose the niche of your website to make it profitable


If you want to know how to choose the niche for your website, you need to take in consideration some aspects and ask yourself some questions before even thinking in the niche. Choose the niche for your website Questions Which is the purpose of your website? Is it a blog, an online store, an ... Read More
February 25, 2016Alexandru Marian


If you are wondering how you can get started with Wordpress, I offer you a complete step-by-step guide bellow. First steps     1.¬†Get started with Wordpress:¬†Determine about what it will be your website   It is very important to know from the beginning about what you will write in your website. You can start up ... Read More
February 22, 2016Alexandru Marian
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