Hello and welcome!

      Im a legal advisor and programmer from Bucharest, Romania.
      I wont be able to say exactly what i like more between the 2 professions. One is passion (programming), one is a real profession which gives the satisfaction of doing what is right for people.

Legal advisor

      I graduated from the Faculty of Law – Bucharest in 2014, nowadays doing a LLM in Law – Criminal Sciences.
      I worked in the last 3 years in major corporations from Bucharest as a legal advisor, specializing miself in civil law, commercial law, tort law and executional law.
      I won’t say that I love to work as a corporatist, but I do love my job as a legal advisor.
      I personally consider that the legal department is the “break” for other departments, the one that finds legal solutions and prevents – for example sales persons – from signing any kind of contract for the sake of getting a new customer.
      And no, I don’t like to stay in-house. I stayed most of my time in courts and public institutions. There is where the real legal practice starts!


      Almost from when I know miself, I enjoyed to freelance. I enjoyed to develop and make things work for me. It’s not something new, and even though I never enjoyed mathematics, the algorithms have other semnification when are written in plain code.

      I am a web developer trained by nobody. All I know, I learned alone. Is possible!

      Many would ask me: why you have a website made in WordPress? Actually, I hate WordPress, but it saved me a tone of time from doing all by miself. And no, this is not a normal WordPress. I modified a lot to consider already that it’s NOT an WordPress!

My skills

Legal Advisor

Civil law / 77%
Commercial Law / 71%
Tort Law / 51%
Penal Law / 79%
Executional Law / 60%


HTML / 100%
CSS / 100%
PHP / 85%
MYSQL / 89%
jQuery/Javascript / 63%
LSL / 70%
Phonegap / 32%
Angular JS / 32%

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