Alexandru Marian



In the life of any human being there is a person or a number of persons which influenced him or her through the life. I will discuss about one person which influenced me and gave me the power and motivation to go forward in any conditions. Influential people – A former ... Read More
March 6, 2016Alexandru Marian
essential english for foreign students –


If you are a foreigner and you want to start learning Legal English, first and the most important aspect is to start and learn English. For this, I will recommend you a set of books which can help you expand your vocabulary, learn the grammar in an easy way and ... Read More
March 4, 2016Alexandru Marian
how to choose the niche of your website to make it profitable


If you want to know how to choose the niche for your website, you need to take in consideration some aspects and ask yourself some questions before even thinking in the niche. Choose the niche for your website Questions Which is the purpose of your website? Is it a blog, an online store, an ... Read More
February 25, 2016Alexandru Marian


I described previously how you can install Wordpress and for doing it you need to upload the files on your server. The connection to your website can be done through an FTP account connected to an FTP client. Such client (and probably the most used) is Filezilla. Never heard ... Read More
February 24, 2016Alexandru Marian
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